Protecting the Environment through Mannco's Total Biosolids Management Solution

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TOP CHOICE ORGANIC is the right choice!

Top Choice

It boasts an economical supply of Nitrogen & Phosphorus, a High Content of Organic Matter, It Increases root mass in grasses, and allows for long use since it is non-volatile. Can stay on ground longer without loss of nitrogen

Municipal Biosolids


Mannco's Total Biosolids Management Solution (TBMS)

  • Risk free, sustainable, and complete solution for municipalities
  • No investment by municipalities in biosolids drying equipment
  • Management and operation of biosolids drying equipment
  • Beneficial disposal of the resulting Class A Biosolid product

Mannco Wastewater Solutions, LLC is a soil and wastewater solutions provider, endeavoring to effect positive change in the agricultural industry, the environment, and in municipalities through the use of Class A Biosolids. We work with local governments, turning what was considered a problem to be dealt with - the disposal of wastewater - into an environmentally sustainable and soil-enriching agricultural benefit, as well as a potential revenue stream for the municipality.

"Being green is more than a fancy tag line. It's being consciously aware of the choices we make daily and how they adversely affect our environment"

- Bradley Mannis, Mannco Wastewater Solutions, LLC