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Top Choice Organinic® is an all natural Class "A" Exceptional Quality pelletized fertilizer and soil conditioner. With its high organic content and valuable nutrients, Top Choice Organic® is widely requested to enhance commercial fertility programs. By enhancing nutrient uptake, increasing moisture holding capacity, and improving our soils ability to produce healthy crops, Top Choice Organic® is used throughout the Southern US by farmers and fertilizer blenders. Top Choice Organic® has shown to increase yields on crops such as corn, wheat, rice, milo and many other row crops. Additionally, Top Choice Organic® is used on Golf courses, pastures, and turf grass.

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Top Choice Organic® For Row Crops

All living organisms, including plants, animals and microorganisms, contain organic components. After a living organism dies, it decomposes and its organic components break down through a natural reactive process. The resulting organic matter moves through the environment by the natural means of water absorption and flow, animal consumption and excretion, sedimentation, and other processes. Organic matter acts much like a fertilizer, but it does not necessarily provide the required nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth and fruiting. Organic matter causes nutrients to stay near the top of the soil, and it enriches the soil because minerals and metal ions bind to it. Organic matter substantially improves the cation exchange capacity of the soil, which is a measure of soil fertility and a soil's nutrient retention capacity. Most southern row crop farms and pastures have an organic matter content and cation exchange capacity substantially less than optimal, which can be remedied only by the addition of organic matter.


"I have used organic fertilizer from Mannco for 4 years on my rice and can guarantee that I have saved money on my fertilizer inputs and had better yields. After my first application I saw earthworms in my soil like never before and I knew then it had changed my soil too."

- Mickey Doyle- Farmer, Jackson Co, AR

"We tried Top Choice on our soybeans this year and where we used we cut 15 more bushel per acre. I know it works and we will continue to use it on our rice and soybeans next year."

- Arlen Welsch-Farmer, Swifton, AR

"We have used this product (Top Choice) for 3 years on all of our pasture and have seen great results. It just seems to hang around longer than when we used ammonia sulfate. We have blended it with urea and pot ash too. We will continue to use Top Choice as long as it is available."

- Bruce Hall, Farm director Arkansas Dept of Corrections

"We have used Top Choice as much as 1200# on some cut ground followed by cotton and our farmers have already booked it for next year. We also know the benefits to our growers of blending Top Choice with urea and other commercial fertilizers and will continue to do so."

- Ronnie Carey, St. Francis County Farmers



Top Choice Organic® For Greens and Tees

Great courses are known for great looking greens. Members of great golf courses favor well kept greens. Top Choice Organic's® small particles cascade into the turf covering so the fertilizer does not tamper with the putting surface due to the timing of fertilization with Top Choice Organic®.

Care and maintenance of golf course tees are especially important to golfers due to their desire for that flawless tee shot. By including Top Choice Organic® into your fertility regimen for tees, you will find this pleases the members and their desire for great tees.

Large and inconsistently sized biosolids have limited use as fertilizer as they are impossible to apply with modern, precision fertilizer application equipment.

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The prill size of Top Choice Organic® is very uniform and similar in size to common commercial fertilizers so it can be applied with equipment that farmers and horticulturists already use. This uniformity also allows Top Choice Organic® to be blended with other commercial fertilizers to meet very specific soil fertility requirements.

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Metals and Fertilizer Micronutrients US EPA Exceptional Quality Upper Limits 2009 Top Choice Organic® Average
Arsenic 41 mg/kg 2.3 mg/kg
Cadmium 39 mg/kg 2.9 mg/kg
Chromium No limit** 102 mg/kg
Copper 1,500 mg/kg 370 mg/kg
Lead 300 mg/kg 55 mg/kg
Mercury 17 mg/kg 0.1 mg/kg
Molybdenum 40 mg/kg 7.0 mg/kg
Nickel 420 mg/kg 47 mg/kg
Selenium 100** mg/kg 0.26 mg/kg
Zinc 2,800 mg/kg 586 mg/kg

**40 C.F.R. Part 503 Final Rule, as amended August 4, 1999, 64 Fed Reg 42552, & October 25, 1995, 60 Fed. Reg. 54764, after, Leather Industries v. EPA, 40 F.3d 392 (D.C. Cir. 1994)

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